No. 9 Medical Innovation for 2017: Self-administered HPV Tests (Video)

Improving cervical cancer prevention

Certain strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) are responsible for 99 percent of cervical cancer cases. Despite great strides in HPV prevention and treatment, the benefits are restricted to a small population — women with access to HPV tests and vaccines.

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To expand access, scientists have developed self-administered HPV test kits that include a test tube, a swab and a mail-in box. Women can conduct their own test, mail a sample back to a lab and be alerted to dangerous strains of HPV.

Experts believe 2017 will be the year these tests are deployed on a large scale, representing the biggest cervical cancer prevention effort to date.

In this video, learn why self-administered HPV tests are one of Cleveland Clinic’s top 10 medical innovations for 2017.

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