Probing Extracellular Vesicles’ Role in Cancer and Other Diseases

All cells, including malignant ones, release extracellular vesicles (EV). Since cellular activation or damage enhances EV release, elevated EV levels are biomarkers for such processes. Analyses of circulating EV may provide a noninvasive “molecular snapshot” of tumors or cellular dysfunction, aiding treatment, prognosis estimates and monitoring.

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Care Coordination: A Renewed Focus

Care coordination has always been imperative in the healthcare industry, serving as a foundational center of medical practice for years. However, in the new healthcare environment, the topic is getting renewed attention as part of a widespread effort to help health systems better manage high-risk patients.

3-D Liver Model

Liver surgery is becoming safer, thanks to 3-D modeling. This technology is now helping surgeons plan surgeries and helping train tomorrow’s surgeons.

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