Research Shows HDL Has Cancer-Fighting Ability

Apolipoprotein A1, a major component of HDL, blocks metastatic malignant melanoma and lung cancer through multiple pathways. ApoA1 injections not only inhibit tumor growth and progression in mice, but spur tumor and metastases regression.

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The ‘Science’ of OR Staffing

Nurses apply science to patient care every day. But how often is a scientific approach applied to staffing? In the operating rooms at Cleveland Clinic’s main campus, the answer is the same—every day.

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Academy Helps Nurses Hone Leadership Skills

Nurse Manager Laurie Pustinger, BSN, RN, recently augmented her huddles with staff on the surgery/endoscopy unit at South Pointe Hospital. She added visuals related to a performance improvement initiative.

Protocols for Catheter Removal Are Empowering Nurses

One of the mandates in the Skilled Nursing Unit at Lakewood Hospital states that patients should not have indwelling urinary catheters (IUCs) unless there is a supporting diagnosis. This rule was extended throughout the hospital into all inpatient medical units just a couple years ago.