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Cleveland Clinic Avon Hospital

Avon Hospital’s First Year: What We’ve Learned

A look back at Year 1 in a 21st-century hospital


Growing Need for Physicians Trained to be Leaders

Complexities of healthcare today creating demand

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Patient Experience Summit: Empathy by Design

It’s no secret: The patient experience matters


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September 22, 2016/Leadership

Medical Innovation and the Rebirth of Cities

Medical innovation leading an industrial renaissance

Merging Hospitals Makes Tangible Sense
August 22, 2016/Leadership

Merging Hospitals Makes Tangible Sense

Cleveland Clinic in the City of Invention


Change Brings Anxiety. But It Doesn’t Have To

A shift in viewpoint eases the journey to acceptance

April 10, 2015/Nursing/Nurse Profile

How to Structure Nursing Within a Health System: Part I

Laying the groundwork, from culture to infrastructure

May 12, 2014/All Specialties

Mobile Apps Take Care Everywhere

Smart phones and other mobile devices put Healthcare right at your fingertips.

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