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Reviewing the Benefits of Nocturnal Intermittent Hemodialysis

Nocturnal in-center intermittent hemodialysis has clinical advantages and is an alternative that clinicians should not overlook. Longer treatment more efficiently removes small and mid-sized molecules, improves nutritional status, better controls anemia and hyperphosphatemia and reduces blood pressure and cardiovascular mortality. Nighttime dialysis also disturbs daytime eating patterns less. Patients report increased energy and improved daytime cognition.

Diagnosing a Challenging Nephrology Case (Video)

A 74-year-old patient arrived in the emergency department with shortness of breath, a history of diabetes and hypertension, and clinical signs of acute kidney injury. What caused the damage? Renal pathology using light microscopy, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy provided clues, but it took some non-standard techniques to reach a confident final diagnosis.

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