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Standardizing Approach to Hiring Agency Staff Results in Huge Savings

Contracting with personnel from an external agency isn’t as simple as placing a phone call, then welcoming the nurse. Cleveland Clinic uses a systematic approach, developed by the hospital’s Staffing Resources Department. Now, external agency personnel are brought on board with the same expectations and requirements as Cleveland Clinic caregivers and when a nursing unit requests a long-term contract, staffing coordinators match the requirements with the appropriate external agency personnel.

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Consolidating Nursing Budget Across System Brings Great Cost Savings

Starting in 2008 Cleveland Clinic’s Nursing Institute began the process of consolidating nursing costs across its system hospitals. The Nursing Institute looked at its operating budget in its entirety—looking at costs across all its facilities. The goal was to make sound decisions concerning staffing, pay practices, supplies, capital budget procurement and more. Weekender pay was one of the biggest expenses to be reined in. In one year, the institute was able to save $30 million.