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22-DDI-3242261-CQD-ACG research 4-Lindenmeyer-Provider Perceptions of Code650x450
October 26, 2022/Digestive/Research

Examining the Issue of Resuscitation Efforts for Patients Awaiting Liver Transplant

Survey gauges caregivers’ knowledge, opinions about ‘full code’ requirements

22-DDI-3242260-ACG research-3-Rubio-Tapia-Risk of Clostridioides650x450
October 25, 2022/Digestive/Research

Celiac Patients Have Elevated Risk of Developing C. difficile Infection

Study results highlight need for clinician vigilance

Male patient sitting on exam table in clinic room
October 24, 2022/Digestive/Research

Study Reveals Racial Disparities in Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Black patients less likely to receive advanced therapies

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