Examining the Issue of Resuscitation Efforts for Patients Awaiting Liver Transplant

To be eligible for liver transplant, many centers request that patients awaiting the potentially life-saving procedure consent to full resuscitation in the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest before, during or after surgery. A Cleveland Clinic study reveals knowledge gaps among caregivers about these resuscitation policies, underscoring the importance of education surrounding end of life.

Celiac Patients Have Elevated Risk of Developing C. difficile Infection

Patients with celiac disease have a higher incidence of Clostridioides difficile infection than the general public, even after accounting for traditional risk factors for developing the sometimes life-threatening diarrheal infection. The new Cleveland Clinic research that identified the link highlights the need for clinicians to consider a C. difficile diagnosis when evaluating celiac patients with new or recurring diarrhea.