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Telemedicine doctors and patients
January 18, 2023/Geriatrics/Research

Virtual Capacity Evaluations May Provide Distinct Safeguards for Geriatric Patients

Analysis underscores how telehealth can help pinpoint elder abuse

May 9, 2022/Geriatrics/Research

Study Reveals Critical Differences in Older Geriatric Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Clinicians examine strategies to address unique needs of those aged 85 and older

February 9, 2022/Geriatrics/Research

1-Minute Consult: Should My Older Adult Patients Take Aspirin for the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease?

Experts examine the dangers and potential benefits of aspirin in geriatric patients


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January 16, 2019/Nursing/Research

Simulation Research Helps Patients Learn to Avoid Falls at Home

Helping elderly patients beyond their hospital stay

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