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April 18, 2022/Podcast

Use of Ketamine to Treat Chronic Pain (Podcast)

IV ketamine infusion is an option when conventional therapies fail to yield relief

20-NEU-1993908 depressed-person_650x450
November 4, 2020/Podcasts

Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression: A Better Alternative to ECT? (Podcast)

Dr. Amit Anand shares his journey from a 1990s discovery to an ongoing randomized trial

October 22, 2020/Behavioral Health

First Randomized Trial of Ketamine for Youth Suicidality to Launch With NIH Support

Study combines the acute medication therapy with CAMS for long-term management


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March 20, 2019/Behavioral Health

The Essentials on Esketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Balancing rapid relief and convenient administration with highly regulated distribution

Ketamine Vs. ECT: $11.8M Grant Helps Size Them Up for Treatment-Resistant Depression
October 27, 2016/Behavioral Health

Ketamine vs. ECT: $11.8M Grant Helps Size Them Up for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Cleveland Clinic to lead four-center, 400-patient randomized trial

650×450 Autism Rett Syndrome
April 28, 2016/Neurosciences

Could Low-Dose Ketamine Help Patients with Rett Syndrome?

Collaborative clinical trial to provide first assessment

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