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June 3, 2021/Research

New Analysis of Old Trial Results Offers Insights Into Personalized Care for Type 2 Diabetes

Genetic variants may help identify which patients could benefit which patients from more aggressive glycemia treatment

August 21, 2019/Research

Prediction Model Estimates Anticipated Weight Loss from Four Common Anti-Obesity Medications

Shared decision-making tool published in a recent study fills void

August 6, 2019/Research

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Does Not Increase or Decrease Cardiovascular Risk, Study Finds

Risks and rewards of supplementation must be carefully weighed for older men with secondary hypogonadism

April 8, 2019/Research

Patient-Specific Therapy Selection Critical in Order to Avoid Intensification Inertia

New study explores intensification inertia in patients with diabetes and above-goal A1C levels


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February 14, 2017/Best Practices

Standing with New Recommendations to Report Lower Hypoglycemia Levels

In agreement with international group’s recommendations

July 6, 2016/Research

Study Looks at Managing New T2D Patients

A closer look at metformin monotherapy

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