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22-DDI-2629608 Robotic colorectal surgery 650×450
January 25, 2022/Surgery

Minimally Invasive Ileostomy Revision: A Video Case Report

Robot-assisted technique provides an alternative to open surgery in a complex case

September 15, 2017/Surgery

What Are Your Thoughts on the Opioid Epidemic and What Surgeons Can Do to Help?

The short answer from Chairman Conor Delaney, MD, PhD

August 4, 2017/Surgery

When Should Surgery Be Considered for Patients With Recurrent Diverticulitis?

The short answer from Chairman Conor Delaney, MD, PhD


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December 19, 2016/Patient Care & Management

Early Discharge after Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery Accelerates Recovery

Simple variables associated with few complications

March 3, 2015/Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery Program Continues to Push the Envelope

Minor incisions, fewer complications, quicker recoveries

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