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Laura Shoemaker DO
September 14, 2023/Bioethics/Best Practices

Honoring Values for Patients With Serious Illness

Palliative care specialists know hard conversations can also be valuable ones

Dr. Shoemaker
November 23, 2022/Cancer

Demystifying Palliative Care

Integral support for living well with cancer

Stomach problem
December 29, 2021/Cancer/Patient Support

Managing Intractable Nausea and Vomiting in the Palliative Care Setting

Identifying the underlying cause key to successful treatment

March 16, 2017/Geriatrics

What a Pig Can Teach Us About End-of-Life Care

Zumi the Palliative Pig brings singular comfort to dying patients


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November 17, 2014/Cancer/Patient Support

How to Deliver a Difficult Medical Diagnosis

Protocol helps to address emotional needs of patient when communicating unfortunate news.

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