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October 19, 2022/Research

Flexible Scheduling May Reduce Clinician Stress but Is No Burnout Panacea, Study Suggests

Burnout found to be more likely in 20- to 39-year-olds versus older colleagues

March 8, 2021/Leadership

Reflecting With Wonder and Awe: Ob/Gyns Collaborate with Zoo on Gorilla’s Hysterectomy

How giving back gives physician sense of fulfilment

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July 1, 2020/Behavioral Health

Taming COVID-19-Inflamed Physician Burnout (Podcast)

How to practice self-care during a healthcare crisis


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November 5, 2018/Insights & Perspectives

When It Comes To Physician Burnout, You’re Not Alone

It doesn't have to be the "new normal"

June 15, 2018/News & Insight

Recognizing that Caring for Yourself Is Invaluable

Busy Ob/Gyn shares her wisdom

April 19, 2018/All Specialties

Workplace Stress in Ob/Gyn and Women’s Health Specialties

Not all physician burnout is the same

March 26, 2018/Insight & Perspectives

Physician Burnout at Cleveland Clinic: Study Explores Its Prevalence and Correlates

Lead author reflects on learnings and strategies taken in response

October 11, 2017/Q&A

Why Will Physician Burnout Be a Hot Topic at the 2017 World Congress of Gastroenterology?

The short answer from ACG president Carol Burke, MD

August 18, 2017/Insights & Perspectives

Physician Burnout: An Impending Epidemic?

No one is immune from the risk

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