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August 13, 2019/Advancing Patient Care

Radiation-Associated Heart Disease: Management Pearls from a New Expert Review

JACC panel gives guidance on nuanced care of a very complex disease

Imaging Insights in Valve Disease: High Volumes Translate to Research-Refined Care
December 27, 2017/Insight & Perspectives

Radiation-Induced Heart Disease: Toward Better and Earlier Detection

Guidance to advance improved risk management

August 16, 2017/Research

Worsened Outcomes Due to Prior Chest Radiation Extend to SAVR for Aortic Stenosis

Matched cohort study finds marked survival disadvantage with radiation

Radiation Associated CAD
July 15, 2016/Research

Radiation-Associated CAD Raises Mortality Risk Following PCI

Cohort study shows elevated risk vs. typical atherosclerotic CAD


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A noncontrast CT of the ascending aorta
February 23, 2016/Cancer

Radiation Heart Disease: A Few Learnings on a Diverse, Daunting Entity

Only commonality is a need for individualized, expert care

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