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January 27, 2022/COVID-19

Omicron: What’s Different This Time?

A Q&A with Steven Gordon, MD, infectious disease physician at Cleveland Clinic

September 6, 2018/Insight & Perspectives

Infective Endocarditis: Refer for Expert Team Care as Soon as Possible

Its lethality demands comprehensive experience and tools

August 20, 2018/Insight & Perspectives

Should More Patients with Heart Valve Disease Take Antibiotics Before Dental Procedures?

Study raises prospect of ‘widening the net’ for prophylaxis against endocarditis

January 26, 2018/Education

Looking to Master Infective Endocarditis Care? This CME Is For You

April 12-13 course packs a punch with multidisciplinary expertise


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October 28, 2015/Genomic Medicine

Cleveland Clinic Unveils Top 10 Medical Innovations For 2016

List is finale at 13th annual Medical Innovation Summit

August 21, 2014/News & Insights

Infective Endocarditis: This Insidious Process Demands an Experienced Management Team

Diagnosis is tricky but must be urgent to avert irreversible damage

August 7, 2014/Advancing Patient Care

Leading from Experience in Transvenous Lead Extraction

Removing faulty or infected device leads is complex — and growing more common

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