Why Does Leveraging Technology in Every Step of Delivering Care Excite You?

A Q&A with sports medicine physician Dominic King, DO


“I’m one of those people who is crazy enough to think they can change the world,” says sports medicine physician Dominic King, DO. “With the help of Cleveland Clinic, I think I can achieve that.”


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Dr. King believes in the power and privilege of Cleveland Clinic to positively influence the lives of patients, staff and the entire world. “All it requires is dedicated people who can come up with new ideas to take advantage of our resources,” he explains. “Cleveland Clinic can take those simple ideas and develop them into real world, life-changing applications.”

What else keeps you excited about the future of healthcare?

Leveraging technology to enhance the physician experience. There are so many pressures and stresses to being a physician, and we have only scratched the surface of creating and implementing technological advancements that don’t only enhance what it means to be a physician, but have the potential to enhance every step in the delivery of care to our patients.

How do you build meaningful relationships with patients?

I start with a transparent foundation. I ask each patient: ‘I will do everything I can to make you better. Will you agree to do the same for yourself?’ If the answer is yes, we can get started. If the answer is no, we break down the barriers to achieving that goal, lay out a plan for self-accountability and we make sure that both of our goals are clearly stated.

Patients know what they want, and we know what they need. A great relationship meets somewhere in the middle.


What is the most rewarding part of your profession?

When I get done taking care of a patient, and then they refer their mother, and son, and sister and the whole family to come see me. That level of responsibility and trust is very rewarding.

With two young sons, how do you focus on your dad role versus being a doctor?

You can’t stop being a doctor, it is with you every time you see them hit milestones or get injured. As a regimented practical thinker, the best advice I can give is to enjoy the silly times. We sometimes get to joke with our patients, but we can’t be silly.

Maximus, 3, and Connor, 1, allow me to be silly and that really removes me from my ‘doctor’ mindset.

How you enjoy spending time outside of work?

My favorite hobby is spending time with my wife, Nicole, and my boys.


Nicole is my rock and the person who knows exactly what to say when it needs to be said. In our marriage, if it were a boat, I am the sail and she is the anchor. I am always trying to catch some wind and take off to a new adventure, and she makes sure I don’t float away in the middle of the night. She keeps me grounded and is a constant source of support.

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