10 Reasons to Attend Patient Experience Summit 2018

Join us June 18-20 in Cleveland!

By Kelly Hancock, DNP, RN, NE-BC

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As nurses, we understand the tremendous impact we can have on our patients. Nurses are at their sides more than any other caregiver, so our influence is all the more powerful and restorative if it is based on empathy. Understanding the feelings and emotions experienced by those in our care helps us form the relationships that can become true pathways to healing.

Two incredible things about the practice of empathy: Those who exhibit it know how to apply it to themselves first. And when others see us modeling empathy, they can become inspired to be more empathetic themselves.

The upcoming 2018 Patient Experience Summit, “Empathy Where You Are,” on June 18-20, brings all of these realities and considerations to the forefront. Below are 10 reasons why nurses especially should consider attending:

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  1. Learn about the power of empathy in the practice of nursing.
  2. Gain insights about the importance of teamwork in providing empathetic care to our patients, from the perspectives of national and local nursing and healthcare leaders.
  3. Find out how caregivers themselves are supported with empathy, encouragement and caring during challenging times.
  4. Explore new ideas about ways to incorporate empathy in your daily practice while being empathetic and caring toward yourself.
  5. Attend presentations on the criticality of empathy in meeting the diverse needs of today’s patients, including those who have suffered loss or may need special support — such as patients in the LGBT community.
  6. Learn about the empathetic care we are delivering in our emergency departments during the current opioid crisis.
  7. Listen to stories by nursing leaders who are learning and growing the sustainable empathetic and caring behaviors that are so necessary to their role.
  8. Find out how empathy factors into the APRN role in delivering care for our patients, their families and one another.
  9. Learn about how our Tiered Huddles are heightening best practices surrounding patients’ healthcare journeys.
  10. Share your own personal experiences on empathy with colleagues — and new friends you make — at the program!

I am co-chair of this year’s event and welcome your participation.

I hope to see you there — where we can all explore and recommit to the practice of empathy — toward ourselves, our colleagues, our loved ones and the patients we are entrusted to serve.

Kelly Hancock is the Executive Chief Nursing Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Health System, and Chief Nursing Officer of Cleveland Clinic Main Campus.

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