Eight Things To Be Grateful for in Nursing

Making a gratitude list can be refreshing for mind, body and soul

Nursing colleagues elbow bump

By Meredith Foxx, MSN, MBA, APRN, NEA-BC, Executive Chief Nursing

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The past year has been challenging, but in many ways nurses have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger and better prepared for anything the future holds.

During Nurses Week, I spent time reflecting on what it means to be a nurse, what drives me to be the best nurse I can be, and more. As part of my mantra to live each day with an attitude of gratitude, I also compiled a personal gratitude list. Making a gratitude list can be refreshing for the mind, body and soul — and I encourage all nursing caregivers to make their own gratitude lists.  

Among the things I am grateful for:

The empathy of nursing caregivers

Nurses went the extra mile throughout the pandemic to be there for patients when their families couldn’t — offering a hand to hold, answering their questions and staying by their sides so they wouldn’t be alone.

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Caregivers who assisted healthcare colleagues in need

Across the globe, nurses and other practitioners put their lives on the line to help fellow caregivers who needed it most. At Cleveland Clinic, caregivers traveled to Michigan and New York to care for patients at Henry Ford Hospitals and New York-Presbyterian Hospitals. Caregivers from Cleveland also traveled to Abu Dhabi to assist Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi caregivers returned the favor in Cleveland.

Generous donors and communities that came to the aid of healthcare workers

The outpouring of support for healthcare workers has been incredible throughout the pandemic. These donations and acts of kindness from community members gave those of us in the healthcare field inspiration and motivation to keep going strong.

My team and colleagues

Every day, I have the opportunity to work with amazing healthcare professionals who are patient, kind and forgiving, and who know what matters most — putting patients first and providing high quality, safe care.

The opportunity to work for an organization that is committed to its caregivers

During the pandemic, Cleveland Clinic worked hard to care for its caregivers, developing numerous resources to assist nurses and other healthcare providers, such as meal delivery, connections to services for child and elder care, well-being apps and behavioral health support.

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Supportive family, friends and pets to lean on

During this past year, we’ve all needed our networks, even if we couldn’t see them in person. My dogs also brought me comfort during this challenging time. Multiple studies show dogs can help alleviate stress and anxiety and help people cope with crisis.

The ability to laugh

We can all use more laughter in our day! Laughter can have a positive impact and deliver numerous benefits. Research, like that featured in this article, has shown laughter to help relieve pain, bring greater happiness, reduce stress and more.

Hope in the face of global adversity

I recently read a book that was a tribute to the triumph of hope against all odds, and while the story was unrelated to what we are facing today, the message of hope while facing global adversity resonated. Throughout this pandemic, there has never been a shortage of hope, and for that I am grateful.

ECNO Meredith Foxx encourages nurses to make a gratitude list, and shares eight things she is grateful for.