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Advancing Patient Care

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Unconventional Approach to Geriatric Complaints Appears to Decrease Emergency Visits and Symptoms

Social prescribing turns leisure activities into good “medicine”


Novel Geriatric Care Model Aims to Align Treatment With Patients’ Personal Goals

Study highlights importance of responsive, customized approach

June 6, 2022/COVID-19

Hybrid Telehealth Model Addresses Unique Needs of Geriatric Patients

Novel program aims to reduce isolation, improve access to care for most vulnerable population


Informed Consent Plays Key Role in Long-Term Outcomes of Cardiac Patients

Surrogate decision-making appears to increase risk of serious complications


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November 24, 2021/COVID-19

Atypical Presentations, Serious Comorbidities Pose Unique Threat to Geriatric Patients With COVID-19

Age-related pathophysiologic changes warrant special clinical consideration


Emergency Geriatricians Triage Older Adults for Polypharmacy Issues

Unique model of care helps optimize medications in high-risk cohort

June 8, 2021/COVID-19

Distinguishing COVID-19 Brain Fog from Dementia, Delirium and Depression in Older Adults

ReCOVer clinic and Geriatric Successful Aging Program work together

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Does My Healthy 65-Year-Old Patient Still Need the 13-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine?

1-Minute Consult: Updated recommendation reflects reduced incidence of disease

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