Great Leaders Mentor By Showing, Not Telling (Video)

Creating learning environment develops best caregivers

At the “Power of Everyone” Leadership Summit at Cleveland Clinic, K. Kelly Hancock, DNP, RN, NE-BC, Executive Chief Nursing Officer, Cleveland Clinic health system, and Chief Nursing Officer, Cleveland Clinic main campus, led a panel discussion on development-based leadership behavior. The first video segment centers on Dr. Hancock’s path to leadership, underscored by her belief that leaders must take the time to show their teams how to lead, rather than tell them what to do. Upcoming videos will focus on three other Cleveland Clinic leaders who were on the panel, sharing their perspectives on mentoring leaders.

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“Intelligent colleagues who have mastered leadership showed me how to walk along that path,” Dr. Hancock says, “to push myself when the path became winding, allowing me to grow and develop. These men and women are the heroes of healthcare as they challenged me to continue and made me the nurse and leader I am today.”

Dr. Hancock, who recently completed her doctorate, talks about creating a learning environment that grows teams, as well as setting an example of lifelong learning. “It’s hard to lift others up and inspire your team if you’re not prepared yourself. We must stay true to the principles of developing ourselves and others; foster an environment of trust; open our doors, hearts and minds. Then, we can seize the power of everyone.”

Cleveland Clinic leadership programs encourage innovation and create projects that build strong teams. Learn how your teams will benefit from leaders who clear the path for others by showing them the way. More information on today’s programs is available at The Cleveland Clinic Way: Intensives, Samson Global Leadership Academy or Executive Visitors’ Program.

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