December 21, 2016

Innovation, Technology and Teamwork at Cleveland Clinic Florida

How we became the top hospital in SE Florida


By Wael Barsoum, MD


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Competition is key to innovation and advancement in healthcare. While we must continue to innovate to provide high-quality care and improved outcomes, innovation also keeps us top of mind when patients are making decisions about how and where to seek treatment. Today’s healthcare consumers are savvy, well-educated, have more out-of-pocket expenses than ever before and know that they have many options when choosing a facility to meet their healthcare needs.

Patients seek innovative surgical options

Innovation and technology have been the keys to success in the surgical arena. Robotic surgery, a leading edge innovation three decades ago, has become standard today in some procedures. Patients may benefit from smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, faster recovery and shorter hospitalization. Today’s healthcare consumer knows the term “minimally invasive” and inquires about technological capabilities during initial consultations. Outpatient or short-stay surgeries, such as total joint replacement and hysterectomies, are commonplace today due to these advances.

Appropriate tech choices fuel growth

As we continue to grow, innovation and technology will play a role in how we expand our Florida operation. In spite of the intense competition in southeast Florida that drives reimbursement to the lowest tier in the country, we have found the value of appropriately chosen technological innovations that allow us to increase efficiencies while providing high-quality care. We have also benefited tremendously from aligning ourselves with clinical leadership in Cleveland, Ohio to improve outcomes, patient safety and decrease costs.


Patients benefit, rankings increase

Our patients reap the rewards of this focus on value-based medicine, coordination of care and patient safety, all of which form the basis of our ranking as the top hospital in southeast Florida as ranked by US News & World Report.

We owe all of this to our immensely dedicated team of physicians, nurses and healthcare providers who validate this mission, earn the esteem of our patients and focus on delivering quality healthcare every day.

Dr. Barsoum is President of Cleveland Clinic Florida and staff in Orthopaedic Surgery.


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