Meet Cleveland Clinic’s Executive Nurse Leaders

Successful nursing begins with great leadership

It’s no secret that great organizations are backed by great leadership. At Cleveland Clinic, our executive nurse leadership team is comprised of nearly 30 experienced and highly skilled executive nurse leaders who are among the best of the best in healthcare.

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With experience that spans the globe and every facet of nursing, these leaders are sought-after experts and resources within Cleveland Clinic and throughout the local, regional, national and international nursing profession and healthcare industry.

They are responsible for leading the strategic direction of Cleveland Clinic’s nursing organization and strive to help the health system achieve and exceed established financial, operational and clinical goals, such as: reducing care costs; making Cleveland Clinic a best-in-class workplace; responsibly growing and developing to impact healthcare through superior clinical care, research, education and innovation; and improving quality, safety and care experience.

A dynamic leadership structure for a vast caregiver group

Nursing is the largest Cleveland Clinic caregiver group with 28,000 membes. Nursing caregivers work throughout Cleveland Clinic’s 6,026-bed health system, which encompasses a 165-acre main campus, 18 hospitals, more than 220 outpatient facilities, and locations in southeast Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Toronto, Canada; Abu Dhabi, UAE; and London, England.

To properly lead and support the vast nursing team, Cleveland Clinic’s executive nurse leaders fulfill the following positions:

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  • Chief Caregiver Officer (COO)
  • Executive Chief Nursing Officer (ECNO)
  • 11 Associate Chief Nursing Officers (ACNO)
    • ACNOs focus on key enterprise-wide intitiatives/areas such as: nursing quality and professional practice, nursing education and professional development, nursing innovation and research, nursing informatics, advanced practice registered nursing, care management and ambulatory nursing, emergency nursing and surgical nursing; as well as main campus nursing operations and Florida region operations
  • 18 Chief Nursing Officers (CNO)
    • CNOs lead nursing practice and operations at each Cleveland Clinic hospital, including main campus and all regional, national and international hospitals

The team also has direct support from nursing administration team members and business partners in human resources, staffing, finance, marketing and communications as well as system-wide councils and committees, affinity groups and operational teams.

What makes a Cleveland Clinic executive nurse leader?

Cleveland Clinic’s executive nurse leaders follow a serving and transformational leadership philosophy. Every day, they collaborate to create an environment and culture that is transparent and respectful. They are accountable, compentent, confident and dependable. They have a shared vision and support for one another, as well as mutual trust. They value the opinions of others, show appreciation, recognition and gratitude, and inspire and motivate. They have passion, drive and determination. They communicate openly and honestly, while also listening with intent.

Throughout their work, they guide, mentor and support each other and all nursing caregivers, diligently overcoming obstacles and removing barriers so every professional nurse at Cleveland Clinic has the opportunity to be the best nurse they can be. Cleveland Clinic’s executive nurses embrace change and aren’t afraid to take calculated risks. And, they aim to ensure professional nursing always has a seat at the table and that the voice of nursing is heard, loudly and proudly.

Cleveland Clinic’s executive nurse leaders are known change agents who exert character traits that empower others to collectively and collaboratively achieve organizational and operational goals.

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‘Meet’ the team

To read more about each member of Cleveland Clinic’s executive nurse leadership team, visit our Nursing Leadership expert biographies. Within the biographies are executive and leadership summaries, information on clinical practice and teaching experience, listings of research and published works, professional involvement and activities, and accolades such as awards and honors received.

As the nursing profession continues to celebrate “The Year of the Nurse and Midwife,” Cleveland Clinic proudly salutes its executive nurse leaders!