New Dates Announced For Simulation and Advanced Skills Center Faculty Development Course

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Presenting a unique simulation-based education training experience, Cleveland Clinic’s Simulation and Advanced Skills Center Faculty Development course is being offered in November.

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The course is designed and highly recommended for educators or caregivers who currently incorporate simulation-based activities into their curriculum, as well as those who are interested in learning more about simulation for training purposes.

“In April, the Ohio Board of Nursing passed new rules that actually provide the opportunity for Ohio Schools of Nursing to substitute clinical experiences with simulation-based experiences; however, simulation instructors have to be properly trained,” says Cleveland Clinic Simulation Education Specialist Michelle Feliciano, MEd, CHSE. “This course is a great start to completing that necessary training.”

Comprehensive simulation training

Part of the Stanley Shalom Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence’s Simulation Faculty Development program, in partnership with Cleveland Clinic’s Education Institute, the simulation-based faculty development course features a combined online and onsite learning environment. To begin, participants engage in an online learning component, which then leads into a two-day onsite workshop on Cleveland Clinic’s main campus. The workshop focuses on:

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  • Adult and experiential learning theories
  • Reflective feedback
  • Fundamentals of debriefing
  • Artful questioning
  • Facilitation within simulation
  • Simple and team-based case building
  • Advocacy/inquiry techniques and practice
  • Multiple hands-on, highly interactive modalities

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Continuing nursing education credits are available for the course, which is taught by several Cleveland Clinic Zielony Institute Simulation and Advanced Skills Center simulation education specialists, including Michelle Feliciano, MEd, CHSE; Nichole Kelsey MSN, RN, CHSE; Marcy Pardee, MEd, RRT; Carlos Trombetta, MD; John Lindsey, MMEd, EMT-P; and Maureen Washock, BSN, RN, CPN.

Newly announced course workshop sessions, include:

  • November 15-16

Registration is limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration is due three weeks prior to the start of the course. Breakfast and lunch are provided. View more information on class location, directions, cost and other important details on the course information page.

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