No. 1 Medical Innovation for 2020: Dual-Acting Osteoporosis Drug

Romosozumab builds more bone than any previous medication

Bone fracture is a continual concern for people with osteoporosis. Until recently, osteoporosis patients were treated with either antiresorptive or anabolic medications. Antiresorptive medications help slow bone loss — although they do not stimulate bone formation. Anabolic medications stimulate bone formation — although they can stimulate bone resorption as well.

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A new dual-acting drug, romosozumab, combines the benefits of earlier drugs, both increasing bone formation and decreasing bone resorption. Approved by the FDA in 2019, romosozumab builds more bone than any previous osteoporosis drug.

In this video, learn more about why romosozumab is one of Cleveland Clinic’s Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2020.