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Striving for Sustainability in Ob-Gyn Care

Researchers examine waste and implore colleagues to take action

Biohazard waste

Surgeons Must Be Sustainability Leaders

Adjusting practices and spreading knowledge will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Female Surgeons Need Better Equipment Design

Instruments still present a barrier as more women join the field


Ergonomics Play Key Role in Well-Being of Surgeons

Optimizing the environment can measurably reduce physical strain


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Tristi Muir
March 28, 2022/Leadership

Meet Tristi Muir, MD, Chair of Ob/Gyn & Women’s Health

The future looks bright for technological advances and community health

June 24, 2021/All Specialties

All Providers Should Advocate for Pregnant Patients to Receive Vaccines

Women most likely to move past hesitancy upon advice by their doctors

Woman checks blood pressure with home monitoring device

The Menopause Transition and Cardiovascular Disease Risk

On the importance of monitoring a woman’s reproductive aging process

December 17, 2020/Leadership

Medical Professionals at Heightened Risk for Psychological Distress This Winter

Tips for safeguarding your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

20-WHI-1974839_CQD_650x450_ (1)

Rigor and Opportunity in Tracking Residency Program

Postgraduate training is a top priority for the Ob/Gyn & Women’s Health Institute

20-WHI-1965253 CQD WHI YIR_CQD_650x450_1239406102

Complicated Pregnancies Benefit From a Team Approach

What’s next for maternal-fetal medicine?

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