Best Practices

Vestibular testing
January 12, 2024/Best Practices

Innovations in Vestibular Testing and Treatment (Podcast)

A comprehensive evaluation and multidisciplinary care are key to caring for patients with vestibular disorders

Columellar reconstruction
October 18, 2022/Best Practices

A Novel Approach to Total Columella Reconstruction

By using free vascularized fascia lata flaps, surgeons can overcome some of the aesthetic and functional challenges historically associated with nasal reconstruction

ear moldings
March 29, 2022/Best Practices

Ear Moldings: A Noninvasive Treatment for Ear Deformities

Restoring the ear to normal anatomy

Michelle Adessa
December 7, 2021/Best Practices

Speech Pathologists Conduct Real-Time Voice Assessments in the OR

Personalized care enhances patient experience, optimizes voice quality


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Ear exam
November 8, 2021/Best Practices

Expanding the Role of APPs Helps Both Patients and Physicians

By changing the patient access flow, patients are able to see the right provider faster, and surgeons are able to spend more time in the OR and less time in clinic

January 21, 2020/Best Practices

Patients with Asymmetrical Hearing, Including Single-Sided Deafness, Can Benefit From Cochlear Implants

Leaders from Cleveland Clinic’s Hearing Implant team provide insight

July 2, 2018/Cancer

Resection Surgery for Advanced Thyroid Cancers

Planning avoids surprises, improves outcomes

June 20, 2016/Best Practices

Changing the Way We See Patients

Sharing, telemedicine create more efficient appointments

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