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Otolaryngology & Dentistry

Doctor checking patient's throat

Caring for the Professional Voice (Podcast)

A multidisciplinary approach and individualized plan of care are imperative

Reviewing dental scans
July 8, 2024/Cancer

A Call for More Interdisciplinary and Preventive Care in New Osteoradionecrosis Guidelines

New guidelines offer insight into emerging therapies, dental issues and more

Cochlear implants

New Guidelines for Cochlear Implant Candidacy Released

Recommendations look to change mindset with CI referrals

Natalie Silver, MD, MS, FACS with researcher

Immunologic Factors Associated with Recurrence Among Patients with HPV-Associated OPSCC

Research aims to better understand the tumor immune micorenvironment


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SLP discussing imaging with patient

When the Tests Are Normal, But Your Patient Still Can’t Swallow

Research could help direct care pathways for patients with unexplained swallowing difficulties

Tired woman

Advancements in Surgical Intervention for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Podcast)

Novel procedures provide options for patients who can’t tolerate CPAP

Doctor talking with patient

Managing Chronic Refractory Cough with Nerve Block Injections (Podcast)

Bilateral superior laryngeal nerve block offers new treatment option for patients

Clinician examining patient's jaw

Management of TMJ Disorders (Podcast)

Expert advocates for a stepladder approach

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