Patient Experience Summit Re-cap: Monday, May 16

Key Takeaways from Day 2 at 2016 Event in Cleveland

Thank you for participating in Monday’s sessions at the seventh annual Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit. It was a terrific day of thought-provoking presentations and discussions.

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Hopefully you are gaining new insights and ideas that you can take back to your organizations. Tuesday picks up with several opportunities for you to hear from national leaders and to participate in discussions that will help you amplify empathy.

Monday’s Highlights

Opening Remarks

Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA: “Patient experience is going to need to assert itself with safety and quality. It is what will distinguish our care.”

“How are you fostering relationships in your work? How are you building community?”

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Sarah Cawley, MPAS, PA-C: “The meaning lies in the suffering. Suffering is powerful but it can be leveraged for good. Sit with it. This is where you find tangible empathy.”

“Honor the value of every life you encounter.”

The Dying

BJ Miller, MD: “The system itself can become a source of suffering [for patients].”

“Dying people are still living.”

“Watch yourself when you separate yourself from your patients in any way.”

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Capability, Comfort and Calm: Designing Health Care Services for Excellence and Empathy

Elizabeth Teisberg, PhD: “Do we know the unspoken needs of the people we serve? Not knowing hurts patients and caregivers.”

“The fundamental question that brings together excellence and empathy is ‘How are you?”

Reverse Perspective: What if hotels treated guests like hosts?

Mark Hoplamazian: “You simply cannot script an authentic experience and authenticity beats out perfection every time.”

“Make it an emotional engagement. Not a transactional engagement.”

If We Can’t Cure the Patient, Can the Community?

Mark Hyman, MD: “Chronic disease is a social disease.”

“Illness starts with ‘I,’ wellness starts with ‘we.’”

“The health care walls have to break down and we need to think of health care without walls.”

What you thought you knew but patients know better: Reimaging the Patient Experience

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Sally Okun, RN, MMHS: “No one voluntarily chooses to experience this [patient] journey.”

“To learn, listen well to impressions voiced by patients first. There’s a ripple effect when you begin to learn from listening.”

What Would You Do, If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

Regina Holliday: “The new world of data and access is changing everything.”

“When you bring everyone to the table, the ideas you come up with are amazing.”

Reaction Panel

Sarah Cawley, MPAS, PA-C: “Unless we share our stories, nothing changes.”

Christine Traul, MD: “Let’s be present. Let’s be there and engage with [patients].”


Thank you to all of the speakers for their engaging and impactful presentations.

We look forward to seeing you and continuing the discussion!