May 15, 2016

Patient Experience Summit Re-cap: Sunday, May 15

Key Takeaways from Day 1 at 2016 Event in Cleveland


Two Pre-Summit Track Sessions were held today.


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Marketing and Communication Track

Digital leadership in healthcare

Experts from across the Cleveland Clinic marketing and communications division addressed the latest trends in digital and provided tactical tips for success in today’s modern marketing environment.

Paul Matsen, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Cleveland Clinic:

“The marketing landscape is rapidly changing. Communications must be digital, mobile and measurable.”

Brian Gresh, Executive Director, Multi-Channel Content Marketing, Cleveland Clinic:

“Connecting with patients where they are and knowing how they want to view content is key. Being visible in search and focusing on a mobile first experience are the two biggest priorities.”

Sue Omori, Executive Director, Marketing Account Services, Cleveland Clinic:

“Using content ’situationally’ we can help consumers make healthcare decisions, help patients while they are getting treatment and even keep them informed after they’ve been discharged.”

Eileen Sheil, Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Cleveland Clinic:

“Now more than ever, we need to make important medical content easily accessible to reporters to share with the public. Technology has evolved to allow us to provide comprehensive information in a multi-media format, which allows for much more engaging story-telling.”

Mary Beth Pate, Executive Director, Marketing Communications, Cleveland Clinic:


“With so many consumers on their mobile devices, we have shifted much of our advertising onto mobile as well. Consumers are on their devices looking for healthcare information and we see that in the success of our mobile ads, which connect them back to treatment specific content.”

Authentic storytelling

Christoph Trappe, Director of Content Marketing, MedTouch, who wrote the book on authentic storytelling, shared his tips on how you empower frontline staff, marketing staff and patients to share your and their stories in the most meaningful way.

“Stories happen every day in the healthcare setting. Go story shopping and encourage caregivers to share stories. They help colleagues recognize or solve a problem. They can motivate patients to choose your hospital for care. I have an acquaintance who decided to have heart surgery at Cleveland Clinic because: “they tell better stories online.”

Empathy for the mobile patient: Solving healthcare’s location data crisis

Jeff Rohrs, Chief Marketing Office, Yext

“Patients are using their mobile devices to search for medical information, facility addresses, and doctor phone numbers. Recent research indicates that more than 70 percent of healthcare facility and physician listings have erroneous information online while over 30 percent lack any online listings at all. Healthcare organizations have an opportunity to make these listings a marketing asset.”

Your role in leading and communicating change

Michelle Mahony, Regional Director, North America, Ketchum

“Explore a new way to think about change in a ‘Liquid’ way in the context of the evolving healthcare environment. Identify the attributes that help people flourish in a change-heavy environment. Assess your biggest challenges to addressing change, and be proactive in determining how you can address them.”

How and why to create an integrated patient experience online and offline


Sandra Fancher, Chief Strategy Officer, MedTouch

“Patients interact with you in multiple ways and numerous times throughout their journey. They often cross back and forth between internal and external channels making consistent communication a challenge. Developing an integrated online and offline strategy can be done with limited capital and using your current technology to create a positive patient experience.”

Nursing Tracks

Kelly Hancock, DNP, RN, NE-BC: “As nurses, we spend the most time with patients – and with that comes the responsibility and honor of taking the lead in patient experience.”

Marc Jaffe: “Sometimes I have to stop being a care partner and become a ‘don’t care’ partner.”

Karen Jaffe, MD: “I figured I wasn’t put on this planet just to have Parkinson’s Disease. I must be here to do something about it.”

Sherry Gevedon, PhD, MS, MBA, RN: “You as healthcare professionals are sitting on one of the largest repositories of innovation on earth…the patient.”

Christina Dempsey, MSN, MBA, CNOR, CENP: “Caregivers are not immune to suffering. Just as the overarching goal for patient experience should be the reduction of suffering, our goal should also be to improve caregiver resilience and connection to both purpose and the organization.”

Selinza Mitchell, APHON: “If you knew that you could make a difference, what difference would it make?”

Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN: “A unitary caring science model requires nurses and all practitioners to cultivate loving kindness, compassion and equanimity for self – before practicing caring and compassion with another.

Rachel Biblow, MSW: “We all love championship teams – most get there through deliberate focus and continued practice – even the superstars.”

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