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Sad girl being comforted by her mother

How to Address Suicide Prevention With Young Patients and Their Parents

5 things a child psychiatrist wishes all pediatricians would do

22-CHP-3498059 CQD-Trace-Case-Rational use of psychotropic (3)
March 9, 2023/Behavioral Health

In Pediatric Development and Behavior, When Is It Time to Deprescribe?

Physician shares key considerations and other resources


Screen Time in Children and Adolescents: What’s the Role of the Clinician?

Not enough evidence to link screen time to attentional disorders, but there is still cause for concern

Single mother with pollution mask holding a baby
February 21, 2022/Behavioral Health

‘Pandemic Babies’ Show Neurodevelopmental Differences at 6 Months, Study Finds

Small study examines the association of a pandemic birth with neurodevelopmental status


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Dad looks stressed while working from home with child during COVID-19 pandemic

How to Reduce Parenting Stress and Support Parents in Caring for Their Child

Making accommodations for parents’ stress and mental health can pull everyone together as a team

January 19, 2021/Behavioral Health

Medication Monitoring Program Streamlines Treatment of ADHD

Identifying the right medication, at the right dose, at the right time of day for optimal results

October 16, 2020/Behavioral Health

The Role of Genetics in Suicidality Among Pediatric Patients

Association of the COMT gene Val/Met polymorphism and suicidality in children and adolescents

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