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Infectious diseases


Syphilis Screening During Pregnancy: We Need To Do Better

Why timely screening and treatment are needed

covid-19 virus
December 20, 2021/COVID-19

The Rise of Omicron and the Fall of Delta? Epidemiologists Monitor the New Variant

Pediatric infectious disease expert says omicron is likely more transmissible than the delta variant

covid-19 virus
December 1, 2021/COVID-19

Unearthing Clues Into a Complex Virus-Host Relationship in the Early Pandemic

Infection with B.2 lineage is associated with worse outcomes, genomic analysis finds


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SARS-CoV-2 molecule and double helix
April 26, 2021/COVID-19

Variants of SARS-CoV-2 and Their Association With Disease Severity

Looking at the first wave of COVID-19 in Northeast Ohio

December 3, 2020/COVID-19

A COVID-19 Vaccine for Children May Take a While

Adult vaccine prioritized as safety regulations and growth-related variations in immunity would slow clinical trials

20-VID-073_Heroes_Image_07 crop
November 25, 2020/COVID-19

SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection Is Rare but Possible

Distinguishing between reinfection and prolonged viral shedding


When Viruses Pair: The Dynamics of Co-Infections

Primarily a pediatric phenomenon, co-infection alters the disease course

May 8, 2020/COVID-19

Kawasaki-Like Symptoms in Children With COVID-19: What Clinicians Need to Know

Children may present with hyperinflammatory responses similar to Kawasaki disease or toxic shock

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