Resource Station Delivers Personalized Career Guidance for Student and New Graduate Nurses

Program offers resume review, job opportunities and more

Offering personalized one-on-one career guidance, Cleveland Clinic’s Student and New Graduate Nurses’ Resource Station delivers student and new graduate nurses added support as they transition into the first phases of their professional nursing careers.

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Similar to a higher education career guidance office (except the career is already in place), Meg Duffy, MS, BSN, RN, Senior Director for Staffing and University Outreach for the Cleveland Clinic Stanley Shalom Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence, has been leading the unique program since 2018.

Duffy developed the Resource Station after identifying a need for more high touch discussions with student and new graduate nurses about preparing and exploring potential job opportunities. In partnership with Cleveland Clinic’s talent acquisition and nurse recruitment team, students or new nurse grads can participate in the Resource Station to obtain added career-related recommendations and suggestions.

Resource Station guidance may include how to find the most ideal Cleveland Clinic job opportunities, review of Cleveland Clinic’s job application and interview processes, recommendations on resume building/presentation and professional etiquette, and more.

“Much of the advice that student and new grad nurses need is how to navigate the waters of finding the right student or new nurse (RN) opportunities that are both a good fit for the new grad and the organization,” Duffy says. “Through the Resource Station, we cover everything from practicing behavioral-based interview questions to the importance of hand-written thank you notes.”

How the Resource Station works

Corrine French, a new nurse graduate who earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Kent State University in August, participated in the Resource Station program in 2019 and says it was a tremendous help to her.

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“I used the program to improve my resume, as well as to improve upon my interview skills,” French says. “When I met with Meg, we discussed how I could be the most ideal candidate for the job I was seeking at the time. Ultimately, this meeting and the knowledge I garnered gave me the confidence to apply for a clinical technician [CT] position on Cleveland Clinic main campus’ G62 Medical Intensive Care Unit [MICU], which I’ve held now for roughly a year and a half.”

As a student nurse, French first began working at Cleveland Clinic in 2017 as a PRN Patient Care Nursing Assistant (PCNA). She worked as a PCNA for 2 years, spending time at both Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital and in the Staffing Float Pool for main campus. However, before she graduated, French wanted to obtain additional clinical experience in a care area she could potentially see herself working as a registered nurse when the time came. Duffy worked with French to determine a career option that aligned with French’s goals and her ultimate pursuit of a MICU PRN CT position with a future opportunity as an RN on the unit.

“That meeting gave me the confidence and tools I needed to apply for the CT to RN position in the MICU, which initially, was a role that I didn’t expect to see myself in,” says French. “However, the MICU has pushed me to search for opportunities to grow in clinical skills, learn the value of being a good nurse, and all-in-all how to be a well-rounded caregiver. I am so excited to start in my new RN role!”

Currently, French is studying for her NCLEX exam with plans to begin her main campus MICU RN position in October.

Opening doors to new graduate RN opportunities

Leah Velarde, Career Success Coach for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at The University of Texas at Tyler in Tyler, Texas, has directed several nursing students to Cleveland Clinic’s Student and New Graduate Nurses’ Resource Station program. One student who participated in the program was recently hired full-time as a Cleveland Clinic RN after graduating from nursing school in May.

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“Cleveland Clinic’s commitment to new graduate nurses is evident in the resources they offer,” says Velarde. “When I had the opportunity to visit (pre-COVID-19) Cleveland Clinic, Meg set up times for me to tour the hospital and talk to a graduate nurse recruiter and education manager. This information has enabled me to share the phenomenal opportunities at Cleveland Clinic with my students. Without question, Meg and her team have been an invaluable asset to me as I coach students in their career journey.”

To date, more than 100 student and/or new nurse graduates from a variety of nursing schools and geographic locations have participated in the Resource Station.

Student or new graduate nurses – schedule an appointment today

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, student and new graduate nurses can schedule phone or virtual meet-and-greet appointments with Duffy. Flexible appointment hours are available, including evening and weekend sessions by request. For more information, call 216.986.4986, email, or visit

“I think this resource is empowering, and I am grateful to have found it as a nursing student and prospective Cleveland Clinic caregiver,” French adds.