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October 22, 2020/COVID-19

Elevated CRP and LDH Predict Non-ICU Hospital Course for COVID-19

Findings from a 24/7 central monitoring unit yield insights for care outside pandemic epicenters

Coronary artery that is beset by a good deal of atherosclerosis
April 17, 2019/Research

Increasing Inflammation Correlates with Residual Risk After Acute Coronary Syndrome

May help identify those who’d benefit from intensified treatment

Steven Nissen, MD
February 15, 2018/Insight & Perspectives

New Cardiovascular Risk Factors? An Expert’s Take on USPSTF’s Skeptical Position

Draft statement on nontraditional risk factors is a mixed bag, says Dr. Steve Nissen

CANTOS: Why It’s a Big Deal — and 5 More Things to Know About It
November 3, 2017/Insight & Perspectives

CANTOS: Why It’s a Big Deal — and 5 More Things to Know About It

‘A gateway to...a new range of therapies for atherosclerosis’


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