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19-CNR-4204 Mesotelioma case study 650×450
February 21, 2020/Cancer/News & Insight

Case Study: Adding Pleural IMRT to Multimodal Treatment of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma

May extend disease-free and overall survival with good quality of life


Making Space to Breathe: A Case of Successful Surgery for Acquired Thoracic Dystrophy

A 43-year-old’s childhood pectus excavatum repair demands revisiting


Microcoil Localization: A Novel Way to Guide Resection of Nonpalpable Lung Nodules

MIS technique provides an alternative to watchful waiting or lobectomy

VATS Pneumonectomy

VATS Pneumonectomy: An Up-Close Video Look

Watch the minimally invasive approach to this lung cancer case


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