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Tag: gynecologic cancers

Health care disparities
June 7, 2022/Cancer/News & Insight

Disparities Found in Funding of Cancer Research

Cancers that predominantly affect Black patients and cancers with higher mortality rates receive less funding

Study Examines Factors Associated with Non-Completion of Intraperitoneal with Intravenous Chemotherapy in Women with Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

PARP Inhibitors Decrease Response to Subsequent Platinum-Based Chemotherapy in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

Analysis suggests association between prior PARP inhibition and subsequent decreased progression-free survival in platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer


Cleveland Clinic Forms Center for Research Excellence in Gynecologic Cancer

Developing and delivering the care most needed by patients, now

March 16, 2016/Cancer

When Screening for Gynecologic Cancer Isn’t Enough

How to ensure your patients receive appropriate care


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November 26, 2014/Cancer

Gynecologic Cancer: Conformal Radiosurgery Offers Hope

Computers, image guidance, robotics revolutionize care

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