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September 28, 2018/Case Study

Multimodality Evaluation Enables Epilepsy Control in a Patient with Periventricular Nodular Heterotopias

Resulting localization of a single focus paves way for laser ablation

September 26, 2018/Insight & Perspectives

Complex Cases Help Remind Us Why We Do What We Do

Taking stock of your organization’s caregiving ethos

March 28, 2018/Insight & Perspectives

Information-Guided Neurological Care Is at Hand

The case for personalized brain mapping in complex disorders

February 6, 2018/Technology & Innovation

Myelin PET: What It Is and How It Adds a New Dimension to Brain Mapping

Quantitative imaging of white matter integrity beyond what MRI can do


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February 6, 2018/Technology & Innovation

Myelin PET: Pioneering Its Clinical Application in Epilepsy and Beyond

Initial studies show promise in localizing elusive epileptic foci

December 28, 2015/Case Study

SEEG Laser Ablation Brings Seizure Control in Difficult-to-Localize Epilepsy

Seizures’ spatiotemporal dynamics prove more complex than previously recognized

August 31, 2015/Case Study

Case Study: SEEG-Guided Surgery Yields Success in Refractory Epilepsy with Multifocal Spikes

Multifocal discharges need not rule out epilepsy surgery

August 5, 2015/Neurosciences

Epilepsy: A Conversation with Imad Najm, MD

Options for patients not responsive to medication

January 16, 2015/Research

Probing Molecular Mechanisms of Epilepsy Progression

Protein may be biomarker for seizure origin and spread in focal cortical dysplasias

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