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650×450-Alagille Syndrome
September 6, 2016/Innovation & Technology

Alagille Syndrome Banished with Groundbreaking Multivisceral Transplant

Child Regains Health; Now Needs a Loving Family

September 2, 2015/Digestive

FDA Gives Green Light to Human Transplant Study Using Ex Vivo Liver Perfusion

Key step in development of Cleveland Clinic’s Organ Recovery Center


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May 22, 2015/Research

Surgical Treatment for Post-Bariatric Gut Failure Highly Successful

Achieves nutritional autonomy in majority of patients

December 18, 2014/Resource

Advances in Gut Rehabilitation and Transplantation

Piecing Together the Puzzle for a Premier Center of Care

July 31, 2014/Innovation

Multivisceral Transplant Rewrites the Book on a Rare Congenital Disorder

First time a child with Martinez-Frias syndrome lives beyond 2 years

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