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Digital Health: The Joys and Challenges of New Technologies in Cardiovascular Practice

Q&A with an electrophysiologist at the forefront of virtual visits, wearables and more


Smartphone-Based Technology Tags Afib with Good Accuracy

Study provides first clinical validation using 12-lead ECGs

Study suggests a role for KardiaBand when paired with physician review
March 9, 2018/Geriatrics

Smartwatch Technology Detects Afib Prior to Cardioversion

Study suggests a role for KardiaBand when paired with physician review


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November 29, 2017/Global Medicine

Q&A with New Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for International Medical Education

Electrophysiologist Khaldoun Tarakji on training physicians worldwide


Eye-Opening Study Reveals Extent of Venous Injury During CIED Lead Extraction

A ‘wake-up call’ from largest histopathology study of its type to date

cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED)

Analysis Offers Needed Benchmark Data on Post-Cardiac Surgery CIED Use

A large contemporary snapshot of rates and outcomes of CIED use


For Arrhythmia Patients, Virtual Visits Hold Plenty of Virtues

Patient convenience fuels rollout of video-enabled remote care

methicillin-resistant staph organisms

CIED Infections: Know Your Enemy

High rates of methicillin-resistant staph demand vigilance, analysis shows

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