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23-CNR-4044609-CQD-Hero-650×450 AML study
October 20, 2023/Research

The Role of Immune Escape in Post-Transplant Leukemia Relapse

Immunological pressure driving genetic mutations

Lab equipment centrifuging blood. Concept image of a blood test.3d rendering.
February 3, 2022/Blood Cancers

Newly Identified Risk Factors Help Predict How Aplastic Anemia Can Become Malignant

Study reveals characteristics that may spark the development of myelodysplastic syndrome and acute myeloid leukemia


Succession of Molecular Lesions Critical to Leukemia Disease Development

Mutational pattern in MDS is not random, study finds

January 15, 2020/Research

New Clinic Tackles Mutations That Increase Risk of Blood Cancers and Heart Disease

CHIP Clinic's goals: Research, preventive care


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July 15, 2019/Cancer

Survival Trends in Infant Allogeneic Cell Transplant Recipients: Limited Progress

Outcomes in youngest patients are mixed, reflecting clinical challenges

March 25, 2019/Blood Cancers

Azacitidine Shows Potential in Treating AML and MDS Relapse Following Stem Cell Transplantation

May offer much needed treatment option for patients who relapse early

December 2, 2018/Research

The Next Step in Immunotherapy for Myeloid Hematologic Malignancies

Study explores atezolizumab for myelodysplastic syndrome

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