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Postpartum depression treatment
June 6, 2023/Behavioral Health

Novel Medications Boost Treatment Options for Patients With Postpartum Depression

Multidisciplinary approach starts with early and regular screenings

20-PAI-1885621 CQD Truan_Post-Cesarean Pain and Breastfeeding_650x450_147318731 (1)

Following Cesarean Delivery, Postoperative Pain Affects Likelihood of In-Hospital Breastfeeding

Study finds postoperative pain is associated with early breastfeeding, length of stay and postpartum depression

September 20, 2019/Pediatrics/Research

Depression Screening Alone May Miss Stress-Related Mental Health Issues in Mothers of Babies in NICU

Identifying mothers at risk of postpartum mental health issues

May 21, 2019/Behavioral Health

Wondering How to Offer Brexanolone for Postpartum Depression? Here’s How We’re Piloting It

Measured rollout will tap the drug’s promise while navigating its complex REMS program


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650×450-mother and baby
April 2, 2019/Neurosciences

First Medication to Treat Moderate to Severe Postpartum Depression Gets FDA Approval

Brexanolone injection may bring relief from postpartum depression within three days, though some questions remain


Preventing Perinatal Depression

Counseling Deemed a Preventive Service by the US Preventive Services Task Force

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