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Analysis Documents Lingering Racial, Ethnic Gaps Despite Gains in National Stroke Quality Initiative

Target: Stroke yields more frequent and faster thrombolysis, but disparities remain for non-white population

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Black Residents of Historically Redlined Areas Have Increased Heart Failure Risk

Large database study reveals lingering health consequences of decades-old discrimination


Ongoing Research Needed to Improve Equity in Outcomes Following Lung Transplant

Data indicates transplant outcome disparities exist, but thoughtful planning is needed to address the problem

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October 24, 2022/Digestive/Research

Study Reveals Racial Disparities in Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Black patients less likely to receive advanced therapies


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African guy having severe hip pain

Hip Complaints: A Closer Look at Racial Disparities in Incidence and Treatment

Study explores why Black patients are less likely than white patients to have MRI, surgery

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March 23, 2022/Pulmonary/Research

New Findings Illustrate How Standardized Care Reduces Disparities in the ICU

A recent study shows how equitable care can be achieved

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Black Americans Suffer Greater Multiple Sclerosis Disease Burden Than Whites

Database study reveals racial differences across clinical and imaging domains

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April 1, 2021/Neurosciences/Education

Health Disparities 2021: How to Help Close Racial and Ethnic Gaps in Care Delivery

Livestreamed CME conference explores disparities in stroke care and beyond

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March 31, 2021/COVID-19

Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Vaccination: Is It Vaccine Hesitancy or Vaccine Deliberation?

Cutting through the noise with trusted community partners

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