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hearing loss
December 14, 2023/Advancing Patient Care

Now Hear This: Perceptions and Research on Hearing Health (Podcast)

Hearing loss and its treatments are often misunderstood by both the public and healthcare professionals

hearing aids
February 20, 2023/Research

New Research Highlights Connection Between Hearing Loss Interventions and Cognitive Decline

Hearing loss management has potential to improve more than just hearing health

Hearing test
November 9, 2022/Research

More Work Necessary to Improve Hearing Literacy Among Patients

A new study found that while patients are familiar with health metrics for other common conditions, knowledge about hearing loss and treatments lag well behind


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Personalizing Solutions for Single-Sided Deafness

New protocol lets patients ‘test drive’ hearing devices

August 18, 2015/Advancing Patient Care

When to Refer Patients for Hearing Tests

Early intervention is crucial for impaired hearing


Treating Asymmetric Hearing Loss with Bimodal Devices: A Successful Balancing Act

Independent evaluation of each ear leads to best results

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