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Male athlete pushing out of the starting blocks as he starts his sprint race
March 22, 2022/Education

Get Up to Speed in Sports Cardiology Care at Virtual CME Symposium

Free 5-hour course will help you help patients safely reap the benefits of athletics

21-HVI-2128309 college-athletes-and-covid-cardiac-involvement 650×450
May 19, 2021/COVID-19

College Athletes Are at Low Risk of Cardiac Involvement From Mild COVID-19

Return to sport without cardiac testing reasonable after recovery, registry study suggests

December 15, 2020/COVID-19

COVID-19 and the Athlete’s Heart: Guidance Continues to Evolve

Two new expert statements advise on return to play, imaging assessment

August 3, 2020/COVID-19

Return to Play After COVID-19 Infection: A Sports Cardiology Perspective

Though data are scarce, some general guidelines draw consensus


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20-HVI-1898975 Singh_Guidelines on CV imaging in athletes_CQD_650x450_993744768
June 15, 2020/News & Insights

First Formal Guidance Issued on Multimodality Cardiac Imaging in Young Athletes

Recommendations help distinguish exercise-induced remodeling from pathology

July 31, 2019/Research

Former NFL Players Show Elevated Risk for Atrial Fibrillation and Slowed Cardiac Conduction

Large cross-sectional study argues for increased clinical vigilance

Septal Wall Subtleties in a Young Athlete
September 22, 2015/News & Insights

Image of Note: Septal Wall Subtleties in a Young Athlete

Echo findings in young athletes are not always what they seem

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