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August 6, 2021/Research

Improved Quality of Life for Patients with Diabetes After Metabolic Surgery

Insights from the STAMPEDE trial compare outcomes after metabolic surgery versus medical therapy

January 31, 2019/Research

STAMPEDE Subanalysis Shows Cardiovascular Benefits After Bariatric Surgery

Key cardiac biomarkers see favorable changes

November 15, 2016/Research

Bariatric Surgery: Ethical Considerations in Adolescents and Adults with Cognitive Disabilities

Seek the expertise of an ethicist on a case-by-case basis in either of these patient populations


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February 3, 2016/Research

Metabolic Surgery vs. Medical Treatment Improves Libido and Testosterone Levels

STAMPEDE analysis focuses on clinical outcomes

September 29, 2015/All Specialties

Cleveland Clinic’s 10th Annual Obesity Summit

A ‘Decade of Progress’ in obesity management & treatment

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