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18-HRT-5743 Transcatheter-mitral-valve 650×450

Transcatheter Valve Care: What to Watch For Beyond TAVR

The pulse of progress in percutaneous mitral, tricuspid and pulmonary valve procedures


3 Things to Keep an Eye on in Evolving TAVR Care

Expanding indications, device refinements and accessory treatments

18-HRT-4531_Mick_robotic mitral valve repair_650x450

A Case of Successfully Managed Expectations for Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair (Video)

Robot-assisted repair eases the letdown after misguided MitraClip referral


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Preoperative Chest X-Ray

Case Study: In High-Risk Lead Extractions, Preparing for the Worst Is Imperative

Protocol for cardiac surgical backup saves the day after SVC injury


Percutaneous Mending of the Mitral Valve: A Status Report on Challenges and Progress

Profile of six ongoing studies aiming to overcome anatomic hurdles

Jeff Loerch mitral valve repair illustration

Is Mitral Valve Repair a Specialty?

Surgeon volume matters, so let’s start acting like it

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