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March 3, 2021/Behavioral Health

Managing Suicidality in Patients with Neurologic Disease (Podcast)

Treat mood disorder as a separate condition

20-NEU-2032123 suicide-screening-youth-with-epilepsy_650x450
January 8, 2021/Pediatrics

Study Suggests Role for Suicide Screening in All Youths With Epilepsy

Suicidality reported by over 10% of pediatric epilepsy patients with no mental health history

October 22, 2020/Behavioral Health

First Randomized Trial of Ketamine for Youth Suicidality to Launch With NIH Support

Study combines the acute medication therapy with CAMS for long-term management

October 16, 2020/Behavioral Health

The Role of Genetics in Suicidality Among Pediatric Patients

Association of the COMT gene Val/Met polymorphism and suicidality in children and adolescents


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February 28, 2018/Asthma

Are Leukotriene-Modifying Agents Associated with Suicidality?

Asthma Center Co-Director gives the short answer

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