Digital Technology Keeps Nurses in the Know

When nurses take breaks at South Pointe Hospital, they now have an easy way to access information about educational opportunities, nursing initiatives and more. Last year, the community hospital installed 15 high-resolution monitors throughout the facility, including ones in break rooms on all five inpatient nursing floors and the nursing administration offices. Powered by Scala digital signage software, the monitors—essentially flat screen TVs—loop valuable information 24 hours a day.

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“In early 2013, nursing leadership at South Pointe began to explore options that would enhance communication with caregivers, while moving forward with desired green initiatives,” says Lisa Bryant, BSN, MHA, RN, Director of Nursing at South Pointe Hospital. “The Scala boards afforded a mechanism for the dissemination of information to staff in a timely manner without the need to create and post paper signage.”

Messages scroll on the screen, with each one posted for approximately 15 seconds. They are updated daily as needed and can be customized by unit. “It provides a snapshot of information—straight and to the point,” says La’Donna Byrd, an administrative assistant in nursing administration and one of two staff members who generate the postings for nursing. “We add anything that celebrates or educates our staff at a glance.”

Information displayed on the monitors in September covered some of these topics:

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  • Staffing needs—opportunities to pick up extra shifts
  • Educational offerings—information on getting or maintaining certifications
  • Celebratory countdowns—messages touting “No falls in X days.”
  • Green reminders—ways to save on supplies and reduce paper usage
  • Stroke awareness
  • Fundraising—update on a campaign to raise money for the American Heart Association
  • Patient satisfaction scores broken down by unit
  • An internal nursing initiative—reminders about a program promoting the use of intermittent pneumatic compression devices

Break rooms at South Pointe still have bulletin boards for displaying more complex information. But the Scala system is a great way to grab the attention of caregivers and fill them in quickly on important topics.



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