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Nursing Operations

Nurses pushing gurney in hospital

Living the Drill: Hospital Finetunes Disaster Response With Continuous Training, Meticulous Planning

Clinicians prepare to deliver lifesaving care in the face of public health threats

Nurse doing a telehealth visit

Answering the Call: One-Click Nurse Triage

Phone triage system reduces call backs and delays in care

Patient's arm connected to dialysis IV

Emergency Dialysis Criteria Reduce Number of After-Hours Calls for Nurse Specialists

New protocol reduces costs, increases patient and caregiver satisfaction


Flexible Scheduling Helps Attract and Retain Nurses

New options benefit caregivers, nursing units and patients


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February 1, 2023/Global Medicine

Cleveland Clinic Supports British Healthcare System as Part of Magnet4Europe Initiative

Nursing leaders share knowledge, ideas and experience


On the P.A.T.H. to Recovery: Post-Acute Program Optimizes Patient Discharge

Nurses facilitate preoperative program to educate and prepare patients for ongoing care

Volunteers helping nursing units

Innovative Programs Let Non-Clinical Employees Help Stem Workforce Challenges

Workers step outside usual roles to lighten the load for hospital colleagues

Case management at Hillcrest
August 20, 2021/Nursing/Nursing Operations

Pilot Program Redefines Case Management

Introduces at-home work and new patient screening tool

Cleveland Clinic London nursing
August 6, 2021/London

A Culture of Collaboration Among UK Nurses

London leaders partner with other nurses, organizations

Preparing for post-pandemic nursing
April 28, 2021/COVID-19

COVID-19 One Year Later: Now What?

Nurse executives begin post-pandemic action

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