October 7, 2019

Leadership 101: Get the Basics from Cleveland Clinic’s Director of Physician Leadership (Video)

Brian Bolwell, MD, provides insights


There are plenty of books and courses about how to lead in business. But leadership guidance for hospital settings is hard to come by. And it’s sorely needed, since academic medicine — where multidisciplinary teams are essential — tends to reward and promote those with track records of individual accomplishment, not successful collaboration.


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In this 18-minute video recorded at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center’s 2019 scientific retreat, Cleveland Clinic Director of Physician Leadership Brian Bolwell, MD, provides a concise overview of healthcare leadership essentials. It’s knowledge gained from his long tenure as Chairman of Taussig Cancer Institute and Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center, a position in which Dr. Bolwell supervises more than 250 cancer specialists and oversees the treatment and research efforts of the nation’s No. 6 cancer program as ranked by U.S. News & World Report.

Dr. Bolwell regularly expresses his leadership philosophy in speeches, videos, tweets and his blog, “Straight Talk,” for Oncology Times.


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